10 June 2020 in BLOG

Home Sweet Home or Back To Work Blues?

Like many people I have been working from home since the start of the lock down period and I have to admit I found it really tough. I have desperately missed, and will continue to miss, the interaction with other people which has been and will continue to be off…

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4 June 2020 in BLOG

Reintegrating Teams Post Lockdown

Tickets now available for our FREE Webinar taking place on 16th June. Please share with your contacts as appropriate. We are already hearing of anxiety, apathy and changed attitudes in once established teams as the return to work widens. Prior to the Covid19 situation team dynamics were a known quantity…

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23 April 2020 in BLOG

Video Conferencing – Suddenly Everyone’s An Expert

As we enter another three weeks of lockdown, methods of communication have never been more in the forefront of our minds. Communication is my thing, always has been always will be. People are my thing and the idea of being isolated from friends, family, colleagues, potential clients, clients is challenging…

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11 March 2020 in BLOG, Business, Communication, Team, Training

Resilience at work…sink or swim

This year seems determined to test our strength and patience to the extremes. Rains, floods and Coronavirus are all taking their toll on everyone and for some of us the sense of overwhelm can be too much. Of course, sometimes life deals us a hard blow and we have no…

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27 February 2020 in BLOG, Business, Communication, General, Team, Training

When It Comes To Communication – Don’t Stick Your Head In The Sand

As a small business owner I am often on the look out for associate opportunities and as part of this I subscribe to an associate alerts service which highlights opportunities to pitch for work in my specialist areas. Last week an alert arrived in my inbox and I read with…

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