Team Diagnostics

Personality Clash Or Lack Of Understanding?

Team diagnostics can build effective teams.

I imagine it is very rare you will get the opportunity to build a team from scratch. Then keep the same people working together forever. In fact if that did happen it would be very weird indeed.

It is much more likely that your team will expand, grow and flex in line with the needs of the business.

People come, people go, and some outstay their welcome. Sadly you will rarely have control over how that happens.

Also, it’s complicated, people are complicated and not EVERY team adds up to an amount greater than the sum of all it’s parts.

Things To Consider

Using a Psychometric (Type) tool can prove  invaluable in making sure the right people are in the right roles for the right reasons.

Another key point is sweeping issues under the carpet can, and will cause time consuming issues.

I am a licensed practitioner in both Myers Briggs Personality Type Index and DiSC. I use these (and other  instruments) to help strengthen and develop teams.

Type can be used to support many functions and situations including: managing others, development of leadership skills, conflict resolution, executive coaching, change management.

When we understand our type preferences, we can focus on making the best of situations and opportunities.

How Does It Work?

Questionnaires are completed electronically and results collated via the relevant software.

A 1-2-1 meeting is set up to go through the findings.

Further work can then be scheduled if and as required for further development of the individual or the team.

Analysis can focus on the following areas depending on the issues:

Isn’t This Woo Woo Nonsense?

I have been a practitioner for almost 10yrs and I have never had anyone say that their report wasn’t a close representation of their inner thinking. I have worked with dysfunctional teams who now are able (in the main) to put their differences to good use and find ways of working to achieve maximum efficiency.

This work can be done on a 1-2-1 basis and/or with groups to improve personal interaction, productivity and profitability.

If you have a team that has grown rapidly, is about to grow rapidly or is simply dysfunctional, get in touch.

Some of the amazing people we’ve worked with
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