Resilience at work…sink or swim

11 March 2020 in BLOG, Business, Communication, Team, Training

Resilience at work…sink or swim

This year seems determined to test our strength and patience to the extremes.

Rains, floods and Coronavirus are all taking their toll on everyone and for some of us the sense of overwhelm can be too much.

Of course, sometimes life deals us a hard blow and we have no choice but to weather the storm. We may feel we have no control over a situation but when we feel this increased pressure it is the way we deal with the challenge that enables us to maintain an element of control.

In the UK we often rely upon the ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ to get us through when the going gets tough. In fact the level of support that has been shown to those whose businesses and homes have been flooded reminds me of how incredible people can be.

However, in almost the same breath I marvel at those who choose to stockpile toilet rolls for a virus which (at the time of writing) is unlikely to impact on their number of their to the bathroom.

You may be familiar with the term Fight or Flight, which relates to the way we respond to certain events or incidents.

Perhaps more familiar will be the book The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters which makes for interesting reading on the same subject.

Why do I mention all of the above ?

Well, the way in which we react to a given situation has the ability to unite or divide us as human beings.

In the working environment we constantly need to respond and react to our customers and colleagues regardless of any levels of stress we are experiencing.

How we choose to react or respond to a given situation can be pivotal in achieving success of having to accept failure.

Developing personal resilience amongst your staff or in your role as a manager can mean the difference between running for the hills or facing the music.

We’ve all had days when we want to hide in the toilet until everyone has gone home but know that’s both ineffective and embarrassing.

If you any concerns about how robust your business is then it’s probably worth taking time to focus on  the following areas all of which have the ability to strengthen the resilience of your team.

  • Improved Self Awareness/Emotional Intelligence
  • Self Confidence and Self Belief
  • Communication Techniques and Handling Conflict
  • Time Management and Prioritisation
  • Team Dynamics – Trust, Respect, Boundaries

If you would like to talk through any of the above then please get in touch to arrange an initial, without obligation FREE chat.

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