Planning Successful Return To Work Strategies

29 April 2021 in BLOG

Planning Successful Return To Work Strategies

Are you busy planning your successful return to work strategies and just when you think you’ve covered all bases with your return to work plan another little gremlin raises it’s head above the parapet?

We know precisely what you mean.

We’re currently spending a lot of time talking to business owners and managers who are working hard to make the workplace transition phase go as smoothly as possible and very often have to remind them of the significant impact of moving desks around can have on an already dented staff dynamic.

Key Areas For Focus

  • Practical Logistics
    How are you going about keeping everyone safe, keeping everyone engaged and keeping everyone happy?
  • Dealing With Anxiety
    How are your team feeling about the return to work? Are they experiencing feelings of overwhelm, fear of redundancy or feeling apprehensive about whether they are still able to do their job of work after such a long time away?
  • Customer Issues
    Do your team know how to deal with increased demands from customers whose expectations of what good customer service looks like have shifted considerably during Covid as we all flexed to attract business in amongst the tough restrictions imposed on businesses?

Whatever the case we have to be clear about how we are going to handle this next period of change and all eyes will be on how we navigate our way through this transition.

We all know that the news in March 2020 came as a complete curved ball and we all had to react and respond whilst very much on the backfoot.

Now we have an opportunity to adopt the best elements of change and only carry forward the ‘old ways’ of working that continue to serve the business.

We have the chance to plan and develop successful return to work strategies that work for our customers, our staff and our business.

So what are we waiting for? The time is now…

Please make contact and book a 1-2-1 session if you need help defining your plan, need help communicating it to staff and customers or want to equip your team to execute your plan successfully.

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