Why Choose Salt Solutions?

Heather Noble set up Salt Solutions in 2009 after more than 20 years in the corporate world where she worked across a wide range of business sectors, largely at a senior level. Her roles spanned finance, project management, sales and marketing, operations and contract management and allowed her to understand the challenges faced by all aspects of business. From wholesale to hospitality, financial services to publishing and research projects to construction, most of her success came as a result of asking the right questions, listening to the answers, knowing the limitations and benefits of what she had to offer to both the business and the customer, and perhaps most importantly recognising when she needed help to develop her skills to improve her impact.  She then worked hard to deliver the best results for the business, for the customer and for her own personal development and growth.

This is still very much the way that Salt Solutions operates and our focus is on growing you,  growing your staff, growing your market share and growing your business.

At Salt Solutions we deliver training that is energetic, interactive and engaging. We use a blended learning approach to ensure maximum engagement of staff and to keep things interesting for everyone involved. Working with you to agree the outcomes for the individual or the business at all times, sessions are tailored to budget, industry sector, market forces and the aims of the client.

From everyday conversations to business presentations and team meetings, we believe communication lies at the heart of everything we do. Imagine if everyone could hone this core skill, we could all start to realise our full potential and that of our staff, our colleagues and our business.

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